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At Perk, we create nutritional products that have low/no sugar, are filled with good things that help you live better, feel better and make your taste buds sing and dance like they're in a Bollywood musical. Perk Energy is an instant chai-flavored hug in a mug. With collagen, EGCG (the powerful antioxidant in green tea) and extra protein, Perk Energy is a healthy way to get your butt moving in the morning or pick you up when you are dragging. Perk Chill is a mint chocolate drink that supports recovery and sleep. With glycine, Power Sleep™ mineral blend and a slower-absorbing protein blend, Chill helps you sleep deeply and recover completely. Try each for free (only $4.95 for shipping and handling).



We created Perk Squad to reward people who love our products and share them with their followers. It's super simple. Members of the Perk Squad have a unique  discount code that they promote that gives their followers 15% off Perk orders. Each month, Perk Squad members receive 10% of the total sales volume generated by their discount. It's as easy as that. Apply today to join the squad. Your followers will love you even more for sharing Perk.


  • All PERK SQUAD MEMBERS should post at least twice a month on Instagram or Facebook. Once you’ve tried Perk, we’re sure you you’ll agree this might be the easiest thing you do all week - sharing the love, happiness and Perk Karma with your crew.
  • All PERK SQUAD MEMBERS are asked to TURN ON POST NOTIFICATIONS for @perkenergy and LIKE and Comment as soon as possible after each post is made - this helps both of us get exposure and followers :-).
  • PERK SQUAD MEMBERS are asked to promote, and share PERK products as often as they want to share happiness and build the PERK community.
  • PERK SQUAD MEMBERS are asked to interact, like, and comment in their own social media channels, especially Instagram and Facebook... Engagement is the secret sauce!
  • All PERK SQUAD MEMBERS are asked to write a review on PERK’S Facebook page.  
  • All PERK SQUAD MEMBERS are asked to re-post our giveaways and contests.
  • All PERK SQUAD MEMBERS are asked to use as many of our frequently used social hashtags, and we ask you to encourage your network to do the same:
  • PERK SQUAD MEMBERS may be asked from time to time to help with local events and/or expos. This is the most fun part of our job, meeting new customers and working with our Perk Squad partners.
  • PERK SQUAD MEMBERS should contribute to feedback requested on new flavors, products and giveaways. We care about our customers and want to make the best products, provide the best customer service and build a real community of like minded people that Love PERK as much as we do.



As a PERK SQUAD MEMBER, you have the opportunity to earn commissions with PERK! We will pay you 10% commissions to anyone you 'refer ‘that purchases PERK products. We automatically assign you a Coupon Code that you can use and give out to friends, family and followers. When someone purchases (using your coupon code) you will earn 10% of whatever they purchased. Coupon codes will offer your followers up to 15% off product purchases, depending on the promo we are running during the month. You can also use your Perk Squad code to purchase product for yourself, which means you get 25% off your personal orders :  )


As a bonus and exclusive to PERK, we have worked a deal with a super cool, easy to use Instagram Social Media Marketing agency to help build and promote all your Instagram accounts. When you join the Perk Squad, you will get 50% off this super sweet platform. Details will be given once you are approved. Trust us, you’ll love this tool. Why is this helpful? As your social media followers grow, so does your influence! This will not only help our brand awareness but will also help grow your personal BRAND as well as your PERK SQUAD sales.

To give you an idea of its potential, one user grew her Instagram numbers from less than 3k to more than 20k in just over 3 months. These are all real like-minded targeted users, not inflated, bogus numbers.

We are committed to making this an amazing, simple and rewarding experience. 

Complete the form below and we'll look forward to welcoming you to the squad.