Energy/Chill All-Natural Non-Dairy Holiday Sampler 4 Sticks

Energy/Chill All-Natural Non-Dairy Holiday Sampler 4 Sticks

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Limit one sampler per customer. Perk Samplers are not eligible for return, exchange or refund.

Try out all-natural non-dairy versions of our holiday flavors and bring the feelings and flavors of the season to your mug. Get two sticks each of our seasonal flavorites. 

Perk Energy Original Eggnog Flavor will change your mind about eggnog indulgence. Taste the noggy-ness of Energy Eggnog flavor with only 80 calories, .5g fat and with 7 grams of protein! Our eggnog flavor is designed to re-create the flavor and mouthfeel of your holiday favorite tradition. Enjoy the eggnog experience without the eggnog shame.

Perk Chill Dark Chocolate Orange evokes memories of cracking open a holiday chocolate orange and devouring the rich, sweet pieces with a hint of tartness. This classic combination of flavors will make you feel like you are drinking a mug of holiday love.