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Perk Chill — Mint Chocolate (10 individual packets)

Perk Energy


It's time to go from no chill to max chill. Take Mint Chocolate goodness of Perk Chill with you wherever you go. Perk Chill is formulated to help you relax, recharge and recover and make you happy with mint chocolate goodness with no added sugar. With a slower-absorbing protein blend to feed your body at night, collagen to support healthy joints, the Power Sleep™ mineral complex to enhance recovery and repair, and glycine to aid in relaxation and sleep quality, you will have one less excuse to drag the next day (sorry not sorry).

MACROS: 13g Carbs (11 net), 6g Protein, 2.5g Fat


  • Slower-absorbing protein blend to encourage recovery
  • Collagen to support healthy muscles, joints, hair and skin
  • Power Sleep™ mineral complex to enhance sleep quality and hormone production
  • Glycine to improve relaxation and preserve muscle
  • Instant bliss from happy taste buds


Type: Nutritional Supplement