#whyiperk: the story behind Perk

It may seem obvious that I drink Perk—after all, my nickname is “Mr. Perk.” But Perk is something that I am passionate about and not just because it's my family business and I get tremendous fulfillment from getting to know you all and sharing Perk. I’m passionate because I have experienced the benefits of using Perk Energy and Perk Chill and I want everyone to have the opportunity to feel what I’ve felt. When I hear stories about how our products have affected our customers, it really moves me.

Early morning person—not!

When I originally developed Perk Energy, I wasn’t a morning person. Not even a little bit. But after the formula was refined, I realized I had an opportunity to change my morning routine for the better. The truth is I’m much more consistent with exercise when I do it in the morning because, more often than not, my planned afternoon sessions would be interrupted by life. I knew if I was going to be consistent getting up early, I would need a ritual centered around something I looked forward to. And Perk Energy chai latte is perfect for motivating me to roll out of bed and get my butt moving. Not only do I look forward to the creamy goodness, but my morning Perk was the right amount of macronutrients plus caffeine and EGCG to fuel my workouts.

Finding my why.

I need extra motivation to stay committed to fitness. I do better when I have a competition to prepare for or, even better, a team to be a part of. I have had a couple of injuries the past three years that have been discouraging and when I am down, I tend to eat. But a year ago I set a goal to make the U.S. national touch rugby team for my age group and play in the 2019 Touch World Cup in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. When I started this goal, I was at a dad bod weight of 200 pounds. I felt sluggish and I knew I need to change my eating and training. I added extra Perk Energy Chai in the afternoon to keep me from unhealthy snacking and increase my EGCG intake. I was able to include an early morning training session and keep up with my conditioning program and subsequently lost 30 pounds over the course of the past 12 months. According to my Dexabody scans, I have added 5 pounds of muscle in the same time and lowered my body fat 40%. I didn’t know I could have these kind of results in my mid 50s. Perk played an important role in allowing me to represent my country in an international sporting event — fulfilling a lifelong dream.

Sharing Perk with everyone.

I love sharing Perk with people because I hope it will bring them as much happiness as it has brought me. I am so excited to hear how you like Mexican Hot Chocolate Perk Energy. I am even more excited to hear what you think about some of the exciting top secret projects we have in development. I love to handle much of customer service personally because I want you to have the kind of experience that I would want to have. The truth is the Perk brings joy into my life and has helped me become a healthier person and I hope it can do the same for you.

Tell your story and win.

We love hearing your stories and we would love to acknowledge them and you. Post on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter and use #whyiperk and we will give away free product every month to posters. Remember, stories go away so use your timeline so you can be entered to win. Good luck!