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Have questions about Perk products? We are here for you. We have compiled some frequently asked questions with answers. If there is something you think we should add, email us at support@perkenergy.com.

Product Information

Can I try Perk?


We want you to feel confident in your favorites! So, we offer Samplers for every line of products 👍.

Best Sellers Sampler: 4 sticks of the most popular flavors of Energy and 2 sticks of Chill.

Energy Sampler: Try all the regular flavors of Energy.

Chill Sampler: Get a sample of each regular Chill flavors.

Performance Sampler: Get 4 sticks of Do Work BCAAs+ and 2 sticks of Turbo Pre-Workout.

Plus samples of all-natural non-dairy versions of products and seasonal and limited-edition samplers.

How do you use Perk?


Each Perk product is designed to give you the extra support you need throughout your day 😊.

Energy is designed to give you a boost of energy in the morning providing protein with collagen, antioxidants, no/low added sugar and great flavor.

Turbo is a pre-workout that won't make you itchy or frantic and has patented ingredients that support your muscle performance.

Do Work BCAAs+ provide 6g of branch chain amino acids to help you fuel, recover, and repair your body while working out and has electrolytes from coconut water for hydration.

Welleness is a savory broth that has 10g of collagen per serving and supports a healthy immune system and anti-inflammation with turmeric and ginger extract.

Chill has minerals that aid in promoting sleep quality, collagen and protein to support muscle repair, and amino acids that are vital in creating a healthy mental state.

Checkout this blog post to see how each product plays its part.

What is the difference between Do Work BCAAs+ and Turbo Pre-Workout


Perk Do Work BCAAs is awesome for fueling your body during or post workout. BCAAs (branch chain amino acids) are great for lean muscle repair, and help alleviate soreness after working out. There is no caffeine, and it’s made with coconut milk, providing electrolytes to keep you well hydrated 🙌.

Perk Turbo is specifically designed for pre-workout. The active ingredients in Turbo are designed to aid in elevating your performance by supporting blood flow, muscle repair, buffering lactic acid, aiding energy production, and more.

Should I get Perk in original or all-natural?


That depends on your needs/requirements. The all-natural non-dairy versions of Perk products might be right for you if:

  1. You are avoiding dairy — Perk all-natural non-dairy products are made with coconut milk and only have a trace amount of sodium caseinate (a milk derivative).
  2. You are living a low-carb lifestyle (keto, etc.) — Perk all-natural non-dairy products have between 0-2 net carbs and are perfect for people avoiding carbohydrates.
  3. You prefer all-natural sweeteners — These products are sweetened with erythritol and stevia.

Check out our blog post to find out more about our All-Natural flavors.

Corporate Information

How can I become a Perk Ambassador?


What better way to show your love for Perk than to share it with your friends and family, and get rewarded for it 😉. You can apply now to be a Perk Ambassador by signing up.

Do you offer a military discount?


We are so grateful for all those who serve! We offer a military discount that is available year-round through ID.me 👍. When you are in the checkout page, click on the ID.me link. It will take you to the ID.me page, where you can create an account and enter your military info 👍. You can use that same login at hundreds of other stores that have military ID.me discounts! If you don't see the green ID.me link on a mobile browser, try clicking "show summary" or "order summary".


Are Perk products safe for kids?


This question depends on the age and size of your child and their tolerance for certain ingredients. Here are some ingredients to consider:

Perk Energy: Caffeine — consider if your child is used to taking caffeine and how they respond to it.

Perk Chill: Zinc and Magnesium — Chill has an adult amount of these minerals and you may want to limit the amount young children consume. Some parents give their younger kids a 1/2 to 2/3 scoop serving.

Perk Do Work BCAAs+: Contains amino acids that are found in many of the foods most kids regularly eat.

Perk Wellness: provides collagen from broth and turmeric and ginger extract that support immunity. If your child takes blood-thinning drugs or any anti-platelet medication, then it is best to avoid turmeric.

If you have any questions as to the appropriateness of any Perk products for your children, consult your child’s pediatrician.

Are Perk products safe for pregnancy/nursing?


We always recommend expecting and nursing mommas having a conversation with your physician about any ingredients that you are concerned about.

Perk Energy: We do have lots of mamas who love Perk! It's really about your caffeine sensitivity. There is about 100mg a mug — about the same as a large fountain soda, EGCG is an antioxidant that has been studied for its ability to boost your metabolism. There is also whey protein and Collagen, both great for healthy mamas and babies.

Perk Chill: The ingredients in Chill are generally accepted as safe for pregnancy/nursing and it has no sedative ingredients. Like all supplements, check with your doctor.

Perk Do Work BCAAs+: Research about BCAAs and pregnancy is not extensive and somewhat convoluted. There are studies about the vital role BCAAs play in fetal development and there are indirect studies that raise concerns that BCAAs may impact gestational diabetes. Ultimately, you should talk to your physician and make the decision that is right for you.

Perk Wellness: If you are pregnant, you should use caution if consuming products with high levels of curcuminoids. Consult with a physician. Perk Wellness has ingredients that are generally recognized as safe for nursing mothers and babies.

Is Perk Gluten Free?


Each batch is screened for possible contamination and certified gluten free 👍.

Shipping Information

Who will deliver my package?


USPS delivers both our Standard Shipping and Priority Shipping options, so you can expect your order with your mail. Our Standard Shipping is available through UPS Mail Innovations, so it will receive a shipping link through UPS but will be delivered by USPS. You can track your Mail Innovations package on both ups.com and usps.com 👍. Packages that exceed the small package weight limit will be delivered by FedEx.

What countries does Perk ship to?


We currently ship to the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. Please check back for updates on expanded international shipping 😊.

Does my shipping cost to Canada include duties and taxes?


Duties and taxes are assessed and added at the border, so those will be additional to your shipping cost, and will be required for pickup from your local post office.

Product Issues

My frother isn’t working. What should I do?


The batteries need to be changed: If the frother has steadily slowed down, it’s time for new batteries 👍.


The whisk is not turning — Pull the whisk completely out (the black plastic should stay attached to the whisk), then firmly push it back in. You can also unscrew the whisk end of the frother to see if the spring has caught under the edge of the whisk attachment. If it has, pull it away, so the whisk has full contact with the metal, then push the spring firmly down so it fits snugly around the metal.

Frother was submerged — While the whisk end of the frother is unscrewed, pull the entire motor out and examine the end that makes contact with the batteries. If there is corrosion there, then liquid has gotten into the frother causing it to function poorly.

Whisk is bent — Take a look at your frother, is the whisk straight? A bent whisk will cause the frother to have a bad "wobble", it can cause poor performance and can pull the whisk off of the contact more often.

Still having trouble? Email us as support@perkenergy.com.

Why is my canister not filled to the top?


All of our powders are filled by weight, not volume. In addition, the packages need to accommodate powder settling after filling. The flavors have different densities, but all of the original flavors use the same size canisters, so the “fullness” of the package will vary from flavor to flavor. Each flavor has a unique scoop to ensure you receive the full amount of active ingredients, and the correct number of servings (20 for original Energy flavors, and 18 for Chill flavors and all-natural non-dairy products). The best way to ensure a container is filled correctly is to weigh the powder with a kitchen scale.

Can I return or exchange a flavor?


We have a 30-day total satisfaction guarantee (from the date of delivery), on all of our full-sized units and 10-stick packs 🙂. To learn more, read our policy.