Wellness All-Natural Nutritional Broth Thai Coconut Beef, 8 Stick Packs

Wellness All-Natural Nutritional Broth Thai Coconut Beef, 8 Stick Packs

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Get the awesomeness of Perk on the go with individual serving stick packs. Get these life savers in increments of 10 sticks.


This version of Perk Wellness All-Natural Nutritional Broth has classic Thai flavors: turmeric, coconut, lime and ginger paired with the richness of beef to create a flavorful, savory broth that is full of good-for-you ingredients.


It has never been more important to take care of your health. Perk Wellness has ingredients that support the immune system and anti-inflammation: two vital components of maintaining a healthy body. Wellness contains turmeric extract, ginger root extract, holy basil and echinacea to provide well-rounded immune system support and to aid in your natural anti-inflammatory response. Plus, ten grams of collagen from bone broth supporting healthy joints and gut health. Now is the very best time to give your body the nutrients it needs.


• 210mg of Curcuminoid (Turmeric) Extract to support healthy immune response and anti-inflammation
• 10g of collagen protein to promote a healthy gut and improved immune support
• Holy Basil extract, Echinacea Extract and Ginger Extract to give your immune system nutritional support
• Only 3 carbs (great for keto) and 90 calories
• Create Thai Coconut Beef magic anywhere you go!