Need to Know—All Natural Dairy Free Products

Wondering if Perk All-Natural Dairy-Free products are are a good fit? Try them for a special price.





Perk products: getting the right version for you.

From the beginning, we know that no one product would suit everyone. Everyone has preferences and needs that effect what products the like and what products they can use. In order to provide options, we have developed a line of all natural dairy free versions of Perk products that give you real choices — whether you keeping it all natural, avoiding dairy or living a ketogenic lifestyle.

So how do you know if the all natural dairy free products are right for you?

Do you have a compelling reason to want all-natural dairy-free products? Whether you are sensitive to dairy, trying to keep everything all natural or you are avoiding carbohydrates, we have solutions for you to try. These products have unique characteristics from the original products including:

Made with all-natural sweetener.

Perk all-natural products are sweetened with stevia. Stevia extract is made from the leaves of the Stevia rebaudiana plant. The leaves of the stevia plant have been used as a sweetener for over 1,500 years in South America. The extract is 200 times as sweet as sugar and has some unique characteristics that distinguish it from the sweetener used in our original flavors (Sucralose).

Dairy free creaminess.

Dairy-free perk products use coconut oil and coconut milk instead of cows milk to provide creaminess and body. The coconut oil is bound to fiber with sodium caseinate (a milk protein) to create a mixable base that is low in carbohydrates — making it keto-friendly. Because of this binder, there is a tiny amount of milk in our products even though they qualify as dairy free.

Our dairy free products are keto-friendly with no or low net carbs and made with coconut oil and coconut milk (predominantly medium-chain triglycerides).

The taste difference is in your genes.

When people want to know if Perk All-Natural Dairy Free products taste the same as the original, the answer is easy: they don't. We use a different creamy base and a different sweetener so they are unique. But how you perceive the taste depends on you. Depending on your genetics, stevia has a component that some people perceive as sweet, some people find it mildly bitter and occasionally completely bitter. The experience is totally unique to you and it's determined by your genes.

Tasting is believing.

Because everyone's perception of flavor is unique, the best way to know if our products are right for you is to try them. And we want to make it as easy as possible. Get two sticks of each of our all-natural dairy-free Energy, and Chill products for only $9.95 (save $2.00) and see if they are right for you.