Bone Broth Benefits You Need to Know About

Three different cups of bone broth and a variety of vegetables on a cutting board that aid in immune support.

Bone broth is pretty much what it sounds like. It’s a broth brewed from the bones and the connective tissue of a particular animal. From cows, pigs, poultry, and fish, the nutrients found within these animal broths can help with inflammation, gut and joint health, immune support, and overall wellness. Depending on the blend, bone broths also often contain extracts from roots and leaves to help enhance the nutrients and flavors.

High in Nutrition

Bones themselves contain a variety of vitamins and minerals, such as calcium and magnesium, and the marrow within has iron, vitamins A and K, selenium, zinc, and more. So how do we reap the benefits from these nutrients? That’s where a broth comes in. Brewing these parts of the animal extracts the nutrients, making it an easy and convenient way to consume and digest, maximizing the potential benefits.

May Protect the Joints

Collagen is a major nutrient found within the marrow and connective tissue of bone. The brewing of bone broth breaks down collagen into a protein called gelatin, which has been shown to help improve joint health. Also, as a result, consuming bone broth may help alleviate the pains and symptoms of osteoarthritis. Drinking bone broth daily is a very simple and effective way to ensure you are getting the nutrients you need to help protect your joints both short and long term.

May Help Fight Inflammation

Among the nutrients found in bone broth are nutrients that help fight inflammation within the joints and even the gut, improving health in both of these areas. Whether the inflammation is caused by athletic endeavors or from sustaining chronic pain, the discomfort can affect daily activities and routines. While inflammation is a normal response in the body, chronic and ongoing inflammation can lead to a variety of issues, including heart disease and arthritis, making a regular consumption of anti-inflammatory foods (such as a quality bone broth) crucial to overall health and wellness.

May Help with Digestive Health

As the body heals, it is important to reduce the inflammation the body has created, and this includes the gut. When our bodies can digest foods more easily and better process the nutrients from what we eat, our gut health improves as a result. Cue bone broth. Retaining and utilizing the nutrients from bone broth may also help promote weight loss, as it is a satiating option, thus, suppressing cravings and shedding body fat because of a more effective metabolism.

Immune Support

Receiving all-natural energy and nutrients can help promote overall wellness. The healthier you are, the stronger your immune system will be. When your body has the proper immune support from amino acids and nutrients to fight off illness, your sleep and cognitive function improve because your body is getting the rest and recovery it needs to perform everyday functions and tasks. It’s a feedback loop! The better your immune system is, the better your sleep is, and the better your sleep is, the better your immune system can function. Round and round it goes, giving you another reason to have a good bone broth on hand.  

All-Natural, Nutritional Southwest Chicken Broth from Perk

Perk Wellness chicken broth in an orange canister standing upright

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