FROM SURGERY TO SUGARY: How I gained 30 pounds in no time at all.

A little over a year ago, I woke with the trepidation that precedes venturing into uncharted territory. I was headed into my first surgery to repair an injured limb. My triceps tendon had a full thickness tear and it wasn’t going to heal itself. The impending surgery frustrated me deeply because, other than my elbow, I was feeling great and my fitness was as good as it had been in years. I had a busy fall schedule filled with touch rugby, weightlifting and a tackle rugby tournament in Aspen. All that ended with a strange snapping in my elbow like a rubber band stretched to the point of breaking followed by searing pain. I knew all my plans were going to be shelved.

The rehab process began after a short period of rest. I was dedicated to the process and my elbow responded to the treatment. My motivation to eat well and maintain my cardiovascular fitness dropped to zero (maybe -1). Historically, I haven’t done well when I am not training for something specific. So I postponed getting my act together time and time again. “I will start after the holiday” or “I will begin after the birthday party” became a mantra repeated month after month. Before you know it, I had gained 30 pounds and I wasn’t feeling great.

During the same period, we launched Perk Energy and getting our new venture going absorbed my attention completely. Eventually, I couldn’t ignore the consequences of neglecting my nutrition and fitness. My decline was affecting my sleep, my energy and my confidence. And then I went for my annual physical and I learned that my blood glucose levels were high (pre-diabetes). It is a sobering fact I can't ignore.

I have come to the determination that I need to do something now. Even though we haven’t talked about Perk Energy Chai as a weight loss product, it does have ingredients that support metabolism and fat burning. It also has enough protein to help maintain lean muscle. Most importantly (for me), it has the ability to help me manage my cravings. I am embarking on a mission to improve my health and regain some confidence that comes from looking and feeling good. I will share my experiences over the next few months and how I am incorporating Perk into my regimen.

So go, fight, win!