Holiday All Flavors


    It’s beginning to taste a lot like Christmas.

    Learn where visions of sugar plums come from with Perk Holiday Flavors 2022! Perk Energy Mint Chocolate Candy Cane Truffle and Perk Chill White Chocolate Candy Cane Truffle capture the spirit of the season with maximum creaminess and under 90 calories per mug. Find our what a hug really tastes like! In original and all-natural non-dairy versions.

    Perk Energy Mint Chocolate Candy Cane Truffle 

    Real Talk. Mornings can be rough. Sometimes the bed just calls to you. We get it. That’s why Perk Energy provides a natural boost to support long-lasting energy from medium chain triglycerides (MCTs), just enough caffeine, and collagen to support healthy joints, hair, skin, and nails. Perk Energy supports a healthy immune system with an antioxidant blend of grape seed extract, vitamin D, and blueberry extract. Perk also satisfies with eight grams of protein to support lean muscle and no added sugar. And, most importantly, Perk Energy tastes so good you'll look forward to getting up in the morning. Really!

    Perk Chill White Chocolate Candy Cane Truffle

    Everybody wants to go, go, go. But what happens when you need to recover from the stress of balancing work, family, and the physical demands we put on our bodies? Perk Chill is formulated to help you relax, recharge and recover. With a slower-absorbing protein blend to feed your body at night, collagen to support healthy joints, the Power Sleep™ mineral complex to enhance recovery and repair, and glycine to aid in relaxation and sleep quality, you will have one less excuse to drag the next day (sorry not sorry).

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    6 products