7 Benefits BCAAs Have on the Body

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You may have heard of them before, but you've probably asked yourself questions like:

  • What are BCAAs?
  • How do BCAAs work?
  • What do BCAAs do for your body?

We've worked to answer each of these questions in this article as well as list 7 specific benefits BCAAS have on the body.

1. Muscle Gain

BCAAS have been linked to muscle gain with many conducted studies that show just how this is done. One study found that BCAAs increase protein synthesis. That means BCAAs play a positive role in the creation of muscle tissue. Another study actually found that drinking BCAAs after a workout could improve muscle protein synthesis by as much as 22%. BCAAs are a great way to improve your workout results!

2. Prevents Muscle Breakdown

In addition to helping to increase muscle building, BCAAs help prevent muscle breakdown. Muscle breakdown can happen for a variety of reasons. One main reason for muscle breakdown is calorie deficit (losing weight). As your body enters its catabolic state, it looks for additional energy sources and can begin to break down muscle. BCAAs, as part of a balanced diet, may help prevent the breakdown and loss of muscle associated with normal weight loss or old age. Make sure to get a healthy dose of BCAAs to help grow and maintain proper muscle health!

3. Energy

BCAAs do a lot to benefit your workout while you exercise and even after! During a hard workout, your body uses the BCAAs it has available. That means while exercising, your body can be depleted of these essential amino acids. If that is the case, your body increases tryptophan levels and eventually converts that into serotonin. This is what makes you so exhausted after a good workout! Supplementing with BCAAs may actually prevent some of your mental fatigue during your workout as well as your post-workout exhaustion by maintaining your overall BCAA levels and keeping your brain from increasing serotonin.

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BCAAs also improve energy levels during exercise by acting as additional fuel for your muscles. This may allow you to maximize your workout performance and increase overall endurance!

4. Recovery

In addition to helping your energy levels stay up during a rigorous workout, BCAA-intake may also help prevent muscle soreness hours later. A long, hard endurance workout can lead to small breakdowns in muscle tissue. BCAAs have been shown to help prevent those breakdowns, which may, in turn, prevent some of the soreness in the hours and days to come after the workout. That means taking BCAAs might actually improve your recovery time after one of your more intense workouts!

5. Lower Blood Sugar

The next great benefit connected to BCAAs is their link to lower blood sugar. Blood sugar levels may be better regulated with BCAA intake and a healthy diet. High blood sugar levels are a major concern for people with diabetes and other conditions. However, it is important to regulate your blood sugar even if you don't have diabetes. High blood sugar levels can happen in anyone's body and cause excessive hunger, sweat, and headaches.

6. Support Weight Loss

Another benefit of BCCAs is the enhancement of weight loss. It has been observed that a higher intake of BCAAs is associated with a lower prevalence of obesity. BCAAs have also been linked in a study to a greater ability to lose weight than without them. Giving BCAAS a try might be what you need to help remove stubborn body fat.

7. Boost Immune System

Studies support the belief that BCAAs are essential for keeping you healthy and helping you recover from sickness. Although more study is required on the topic, initial results indicate that BCAAs keep your body's immune response up during and after a workout. That may mean a stronger immune system to fight winter colds and more time feeling healthy with energy to exercise!

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