Goodbye, Afternoon Slumps

Tired woman resting her head on a table covered with books.

Do you feel tired right when the afternoon hits? We've all been there.

It's hard to focus on your projects, especially when you already feel drained and can't get the idea of a nap out of your mind. You might be at work, however, and that's not a viable option, or perhaps you don't have the time. In any case, there are some simple solutions to help you feel re-energized and wake your brain up. In our book, here's how you beat the afternoon slumps.

Get Up and Stretch

A woman puts her legs up on a desk and stretches at the office.

When the afternoon tiredness starts to set in and you can hardly concentrate, one of the easiest things to do is get up and stretch.

While any physical activity will help your body to wake up, stretching is a great way to increase blood flow throughout your body, including your brain. Stretching also helps to reduce stress and loosens up tight muscles, keeping you flexible.

In addition to daily stretching, get up and walk around for a few minutes. If possible, go outside and get some sunlight. The sunlight acts as a natural stimulant that will wake up the brain. We promise your work will be right where you left it, upon your return.

Eat a Snack

Close-up of a pile of raw almonds

Snacking is another easy tactic that keeps your brain awake and going if you choose the right snack, that is. Next time you feel sluggish, eat a healthy snack. Consume high-protein foods like nuts or cheese, and avoid foods that are high in carbohydrates or sugars. Sugary foods will only make the sluggishness worse.

Eat a Nutritious Breakfast

Speaking of food, if you tend to skip breakfast, your body is likely going to feel drained by the afternoon. The same is true if you're not eating nutritious foods in the morning. Breakfast is the time when your body has a chance to recover and replenish its energy reserves since it's gone without food all night.

Eating a nutritious breakfast will ensure that your body is getting enough vitamins and minerals, maintaining good health and steady energy levels. Start the day off on the right note, and don't skip "the most important meal of the day."

Go to Bed Early

Don't only set the tone for your workday at breakfast time; set the tone the night before. Going to bed early can prevent that mid-afternoon grogginess. On average, adults need about seven-to-nine hours of sleep; if you're getting less than this, it may be contributing to your lethargy.

Like stretching, sleep is also a great stress reliever and gives your body the perfect time to re-energize itself. This technique leads us to our next tip.

Take a Nap

Man sleeping on a sofa with a laptop on his lap

Yes, we mentioned that taking a nap may not be a viable option if you're at work or don't have time. Yet, if you do have some time available, it may be worth taking a quick 10-to-15-minute snooze, as it will boost your energy and get your brain awake. A nap is one of the best ways to feel refreshed. Like the benefits of sleeping, a quick power nap will lower your stress.

Listen to Music

Here's a fun one. Listening to music stimulates your senses, which will keep your mind awake and alert. It will also enhance your mood and can help you to focus on your work. Who doesn't like a little midday jam session, anyway?

Win the Afternoon with a Perk Energy Drink Mix

When all is said and done, sometimes you just need an extra boost of caffeine to amp up the energy levels and shrug off the afternoon slumps. No, we're not talking about coffee; we're talking about a Perk Energy drink mix.

You can opt for Perk Energy's supplement drinks in canisters, or on busy days, try the quick grab-and-go energy powder mix in a stick pack. You can easily take stick packs to work and add them to some water while you're on a quick break. Give it a couple of stirs, and you're well on your way to your re-energized self.

Perk Energy Dark Chocolate Salted Caramel Pretzel canister next to a cup of the drink

Each energy packet contains enough caffeine to keep you going through mid-afternoon when you feel the most tired, without discrupting your evening sleep routine. The supplement drinks also provide additional health benefits, such as collagen and antioxidants.

Not only that but by taking a supplement drink, you're keeping your body hydrated, which gives you more energy. Dehydration contributes to fatigue (think about that next time you can't keep your eyes open). Water is also great at stimulating your senses, and naturally, that helps to keep your mind alert.

Let Perk Energy Do the Work

Regardless of how frequent your afternoon slumps are, any one of these ideas is bound to help. Give them a try and see how it goes! We know how tiring the workdays are – especially at this time of year. Let us do the work for you.