What Are BCAAs? 5 Things to Know in 2023

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As you enter the fitness community, you will often be confronted with new terminology, including the term “BCAA.” You may find yourself wondering, “What are BCAAs?” and whether you need them to be successful.

Branch Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs) are composed of three amino acids: leucine, isoleucine, and valine. There are several benefits of BCAAs for those who take them regularly. Perk Energy’s BCAAs can be extremely beneficial for those on a fitness journey, a weight loss program, or looking to improve their overall health this year.

Don’t spend another day wondering what are BCAAs. Find out the top five facts regarding these amino acids below.

1. BCAAs Do Not Have to Taste Sour

Because BCAAs are made up of a blend of acids, there are often complaints that the compound tastes sharp and sour, making it difficult to drink regularly. However, at Perk Energy, we chose to tackle this problem head-on. We worked to create creamy blends such as tropical vanilla creme and raspberry vanilla cream to ensure the most drinkable BCAAs out there.

2. The Body Cannot Naturally Synthesize Them

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Muscle protein is comprised of twenty amino acids. Eleven of those acids are naturally produced by the body, leaving nine critical acids out of the body’s natural production cycle. Leucine, isoleucine, and valine are three of the nine essential amino acids the body does not produce. These three acids are required to not only build but maintain muscle mass in the body.
Therefore, taking BCAAs regularly keeps your body well-supplied for a state of optimal muscle-building and workout recovery.

3. Benefits of BCAAs Beyond Fitness

When people ask what BCAAs are for, oftentimes they are met with a plethora of fitness advantages. Yet, there are many benefits of BCAAs beyond just workout support. This compound has been linked to an overall improvement in your immune system. They have also been linked to lower blood sugar levels. Additionally, this compound is pivotal in inhibiting the synthesis, reuptake, and transportation of tryptophan, an acid that plays a role in creating feelings of mental fatigue.

You can take BCAAs as additional health support like a vitamin. No workout is required to ingest them. Find more benefits of BCAAs here.

4. Can Be Paired With Pre-Workout

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There is a misconception sometimes spread in the fitness community that you can only take pre-workout or BCAAs, but not both together. However, these two supplements can not only be taken together, they actually complement each other nicely. For a time-sensitive burst of energy, Perk Energy’s pre-workouts are best taken around 30 minutes before a workout for optimal performance. Meanwhile, for post-workout growth and recovery, you can take BCAAs to encourage muscle development and prevent muscle soreness.

5. BCAAs Can Be Keto-Friendly

For those on the keto diet, maintaining energy without simple carbs, especially for a tough workout, can be tricky. One of the great benefits of BCAAs from Perk Energy is that our formula only contains two carbs from coconut milk. Coconut milk not only keeps the overall carb count low, but it also provides electrolytes and supports hydration during your workout. Maintain your carb balance while still maintaining essential energy for daily errands or lifting at the gym.

Don’t Wait to Try BCAAs

Mojito Lime Creme can of BCAA+ that offers benefits of BCAAs
Whether you are merely researching “What are BCAAs?”, looking to support your next fitness goals, or trying to achieve a healthier lifestyle, BCAAs can support you. Shop our wide variety of Do Work BCAAs+, including a broad selection of flavors. Try out popular choices like mojito lime creme or peach buttercream.

Having trouble deciding on just one? Try out our sampler pack first to find your favorite flavor.

For those searching to improve their workout and support muscle growth, try pairing our BCAAs with our pre-workout assortment today.