Can Chill-Out Drinks Promote Inner Peace?

A woman sitting in front of a window with a chill drink in her hands

What Is Inner Peace?

Before we can answer the titular question, we need to first define "inner peace." In the simplest definition, inner peace comes when there is balance between everything in someone's life. Being able to tap into this inner peace is something individuals and professional organizations alike seek out continuously, insomuch that the U.S. Army even has an entire program dedicated to helping soldiers find this psychological equilibrium through their Master Resilience Trainer (MRT) course.

In order to be your best, most productive self, inner peace is essential. Being able to relax mentally, physically, and socially is a major function of our fight-flight response. We have both sympathetic and parasympathetic responses within our brains, and if we're always in CrossFit mode, this chronic stress will only increase doctor visits, as blood pressure and other physiological responses aren't regulated.

Strategies and practices, like cutting out toxicity, surrounding yourself with wholesome people, and striving for excellence rather than perfection, can certainly help you find inner peace. Yet, what happens when we do all of these things and still can't obtain inner peace? That's when we need a little help, and believe it or not, a "relax" drink can be the difference between finding it or not.

Drinks and Inner Peace

Now, with the pace of today’s culture and society, inner peace often comes in the form of letting go and chilling out. So, what counts as a chill drink? What should a chill drink promote? Finally, what does it have in it? If your drink fuels the rushed nature of business and deadlines, then it may not be the drink that promotes inner peace. There is no doubt that there is a time and place for warm energy drinks. They can help individuals reach the flow state, allowing for phenomenal production and creative breakthroughs. Once there, the trick is knowing how to turn that part of your brain off and enter that parasympathetic or relaxing state.

Establishing a good routine and a dedicated space and time for work help with inner peace, and helping your body and mind relax through a drink is a vital component of such a routine. Our bodies and minds find comfort in warmth. Tea, or a warm relax drink, can help us psychologically find this inner peace at the end of each day. When coupled with a solid routine, the nostalgia we get from the smells and tastes of these warm drinks can be very effective.

What the drink contains is also important. The last thing we need when relaxing is caffeine or some other stimulant to get the mind and body going. Mornings, sure! Afternoon slumps, of course. We all need some type of pick-me-up, but when the end of our workday is closing out, it’s time to start thinking about rest and recovery. It’s time to start thinking about the relax drink that’s been calling you home. We understand that not all chill drinks are formulated the same, but at Perk, our chill drink line contains:

  • A slow-absorbing protein blend to encourage recovery
  • Collagen to support healthy muscles, joints, hair, and skin
  • Power Sleep™, a mineral complex to enhance sleep quality and hormone production
  • Glycine to improve relaxation and preserve muscle

Chill Out with Perk

Container of Perk Chai Latte Flavor Chill drink nestled in a cozy white blanket

We have a variety of chill-drinks that will help you relax – from chai latte to mint chocolate, the flavors are dreamy. We love kicking off the day with a warm energy drink like anyone else, but when it comes to finding inner peace, we suggest swapping out your cup of caffeine for a cup of chill – Perk Chill, that is. Try them out and see for yourself. Our chill drinks promote sleep, recovery, and bliss all in a single cup – not to mention our unmatched, heavenly flavors. You can find inner peace when you care for yourself; care for yourself with Perk.