How Hot Drinks Warm Your Heart

Woman's hands in winter gloves holding a cup filled with a hot energy drink

Sometimes leaving the comfort of your blanket in the morning can be almost unbearable! Thankfully, your hot cup of something serves as a great consolation – especially when that something is Perk. Anyone who has tried our relax drinks or warm energy drinks knows just how comforting they are. However, our drinks aren’t only satisfying because of the taste or consistency (even though both of these qualities are perks). Good evidence suggests that the temperature of your drink can provide true satisfaction!

The Need for Warmth

Living creatures crave comfort. A 1950s study put the need for comfort and heat to the test. Researchers gave infant monkeys the choice between two lab-created mother replacements. One was made of wire, the other made of comfortable materials and a lightbulb for heat. Predictably, the baby monkeys preferred the comfort and heat even when the wire replacement held their food.

Similarly, humans are drawn to warmth and comfort. This extends beyond blankets and pillows. We are also drawn to people who emit warm personality traits. Recent research has shown that people with warm personalities are perceived by others to be more trustworthy, dependable, and friendly. This is important to note because these perceptions are made in nearly an instant (~100 ms). That instant impression we have of others will stay with us long after we've met. So, if you wake up tired or are merely having a bad day, this can alter your judgment and create a negative first impression of a person.

Good hugs, neighborly smiles, and comfy mattresses are all important for us to feel safe and happy. So, can a hot drink really provide similar feelings? Yes!

Psychological Effects of Hot Drinks

While it is common knowledge that hot drinks can help clear sinuses, remedy colds, and soothe a sore throat, the psychological benefits – while less known – can be just as helpful.

Warm energy drinks like Perk have many positive effects on the mind. In one study attempting to measure these effects, participants were introduced to a stranger while holding either a hot cup of coffee or a cup of iced coffee. Participants were then asked a series of questions to gauge their first impressions of another person. The results showed that participants who held the hot cup were more likely to have good first impressions of strangers, attributing “warm” personality traits to them, versus those who held the cold cup. The same researchers went on to show that warmth can affect our willingness to give to others and exhibit other prosocial behaviors.

It’s no wonder Perk customers are so happy and friendly!

Warm Up with Perk!

Container of Perk Chai Latte Flavor Chill drink nestled in a cozy white blanket

Now that you know about all the good a hot drink like Perk can do for you, it’s time to try it out and watch the magic unfold! Perk offers a variety of delicious warm energy drinks and chill drinks that you can mix with water and enjoy. Whether you live somewhere cold or toasty, you can bask in the daily benefits of a hot cup (or two) of Perk Energy.

Not only will Perk warm up your body as you sip, but it will effectively warm up your heart and help you appreciate life and loved ones. Drinking Perk is more than simply getting your caffeine fix or winding down before bed. Perk is about caring for yourself and those around you. Browse our options and try Perk for yourself to see the difference a warmed heart can make in your life.